When science fails

Who do you believe as a patient with symptoms? The ones producing them? The ones selling/placing them? Or science with no financial interests?

Unlike America, the Netherlands has no litigation culture.
There was no ban on silicone breast implants between 1992-2006.
The fact that our organization SVS was founded in 1992 and there are now more than 8000 women who have signed up, clearly indicates that something is wrong.
Since the early 90s, we have been making all kinds of attempts to convince the Dutch government
and also on European level, the European Commission, that some women are getting sick due to silicone breast implants.
We have not been heard.
Meanwhile we sued the state ....
Claim: Ban on silicone breast implants until safety has been proven. To take this step, we had to gather evidence... and we've found a lot. Currently there are over 10,000 studies searching PubMed using search term:breast implants.

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