I'm flat again, yet feeling much betterBedridden, partial spinal cord injuryHypochondriac turned out to be sick from implantsInsane? NO I'm sick due PIPThe cancer is gone, now seriously illYou can't get sick of silicone, absolute nonsenseBelgian doctor: I see this weeklyHard ballastAlmost 40 but I feel like 80A lot of restrictions in our livesI wanted to stab myself, then they had to help meFrom infections to cancerI never will get these silicone out of my bodyI felt life was flowing out of meI was not allowed to see the removed implantsWhy not leaflet accompanying implants, like painkillers?First cancer, now air bubblesBeauty and pollution don't mixSilicones in my lungsBegins aging so quickly?They thought I had a tumor, but it was siliconeMoldy smellAll kinds of infectionsCFS by siliconeFrom too big to too small, then implants and amputationMy legs refuseI had PIP implantsLump in my armpit by PIP implantsBetween the ears? Mental problems?Did I make myself sick?implants leaked by powerplateCustom made implant to fill a cavityGrateful I'm aliveEpileptic seizures returned with implantsBreast cancer after implantsFighting constantlyBags rupture, just like silicone breast implantsMisleading advertising and dubious actingYou can get 100 with these implantsPlastic surgion sneered; Silicone do not make you sickScreening with implants, a fightColitus UlcerosaDoctor, brown jelly - like fluid is leaking from my nipple

Feeling much better after explantation3 months after explantation: I feel like a totally different womanI'm angry, health authorities are negligentExplantation silicone implants, then I got Monobloc HydrogelWound fluid, blood clots and lumpsExplantation after 24 yearsThe pain is gone after explantationI am no longer limping out of bed