Neurological deficits - small fiber neuropathy

41% of women who completed our survey reported neurological deficits.

On inquiry, mostly described as burning pain and / or gait disturbance.

Healthcare professionals sometimes can’t find a cause and entitle it as: psychosomatic.

But often it turns out to be a medical problem ...


Small fiber neuropathy can't be diagnosed by an EMG but with

  • Temperature conduction examination

  • Muscle biopsy shows less intraepidermal nerve fibers


Small fiber peripheral neuropathy can be caused by autoimmune diseases, such as Diabetes,

Antiphospholipid syndrome or SLE.


Neuropathic pain responds poorly to standard pain relief, but in a low-dose antidepressants,

anticonvulsants and sometimes capsaicin - a chemical derived from hot peppers - to alleviate peripheral neuropathy .

Request a referral to a pain clinic.

CANDO: Chemical Associated Neurological Disorders, linked it to high Platinum levels >>