Breast reconstruction with implants

Breast reconstruction with implants


According plastic surgeons, its an easy operation, with less complications.


1. Risks and health issues listed on this site.

2. After cancer, you need all the energy to recover.

Chemotherapy and radiation can result in many complications and delayed treatment.

3. One-stage immediate breast reconstruction, puts a lot of pressure on implants The skin arround the implants becomes very tight.

The consequences:

  • Earlier rupture of the implants

  • Implant may shift

  • Its better to choose a breast expander (kind of a balloon which is filled during a period with water/saline).Stretching of the skins happens gradually.

4. Harder to check for recurrence.

5. If radiation is necessary, its better to wait at least a year.

6. Capsular contracture.

7. Rates of re-operations are very high. According FDA; 45% within 7 years.

A report on reconstruction with silicone breast implants: 'Decisions in the dark '

This information is more extensive than that usually given.

The report addresses the specific problems that may arise in breast cancer patients who have silicone breast implants. Also discussing women who have had breast implants before being diagnosed with breast cancer >>