ALCL - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma >>

This is a rare type of Non Hodgkin lymphoma, a T-cell lymphoma instead of B- cell lymphoma, and has been associated with breast implants.

Women with silicone - or saline implants have an increased risk of ALCL. It is not breast cancer, but cancer of the immune system.

When should you think of ALCL?

  1. Swelling breast

  2. Pain breast

  3. Lumps

  4. Asymmetry of breasts

  5. Seroma (fluid)

The implants should be removed. (asap)

Then usually followed by chemotherapy CHOP and / or radiation.

How can implants cause ALCL? >>

Movie about biofilms (bacteria) possible link to ALCL and implants >>


Breast implant assiocated ALCL 2015 >>

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Scientific research ALCL >>

What is wrong?

  • Plastic surgery has difficulty accepting the relation to breast implants.

  • Underestimation of ALCL occurence: According medical science there are 173 patients worldwide with aggressive ALCL and potentioal mortalities >> but according to the French Cancer Institute there are about 1-2 per 100,000 women with ALCL due to implants >>

  • The lack of routine pathology examination of seroma or excised tissue can result in an underestimation of ALCL occurrence.>>

  • Lack of communication. We've noticed that worldwide not all health care professionals are aware of the existence of BIA-ALCL. BIA = Breast Implant Associated

  • In the 90s, there has been much attention in the medical literature about the reaction of silicone on T cells. >>