Zonediet for cellular inflammation dr. Sears >>

A 'tailor-made diet' with a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This creates a perfect balance, which reduces inflammation in the cells. Your body can recover better through this diet. All kinds of autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's are also prevented.

  1. First you calculate the amount of protein blocks that your body needs. Then you can choose from a long list of foods.

  2. Eat as pure as possible

  3. Lots of brightly colored vegetables

  4. Proteins that fit in the palm of your hand

  5. Carbohydrates - such as whole grain pasta, brown rice, bread - as a small addition.

  6. Healthy fats. No saturated fats, such as butter, just extra virgin olive oil

  7. No sugar

Recipes. About 400 calories, but balanced so that you are not hungry for 4-6 hours. >>

Recommended supplements

  • Pure Omega3 (fish oil)

  • Maqui berry, Polyphenol

Silicone immune treatment protocol, by dr. Susan Kolb >>

Platinum detox program dr. Susan Kolb >>

Many women reported good experiences by:


  • Animal proteins (red meat, pork, and eggs) and dairy products.

  • Fish which is high in mercury.

  • When having joint pain, avoided wheat.

  • Spirulina and green drinks as they sometimes contain cytokines, which increase systemic inflammation and pain.

  • Nightshade family of vegetables eg: potato, tomato, bell pepper, eggplant.

  • Sweets, candies, pastries.

  • Bananas

  • Citrus fruits (limited)

Eating more

  • Fresh fruits

  • Fresh vegetables

  • Whole grains.

  • Raw foods.

  • Water. 8 glasses purified water a day.


  • Fish like cod, salmon, mackerel, herring.

  • Chicken and turkey.

Tip: Clean fruits and vegetables in a lemon/saltwater solution

Nutritional supplements for:

  • Inflammations

  • Immune system

  • Detoxification

  • Pain

  • Infection

  • Neuralgia

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

Some women were treated with Vitamin B12 injections or lozenges for neurological symptoms >>

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