Radiation therapy with implants

Problems radiation therapy with breast implants, according medical device expert Dr. Pierre Blais >>

  • Increased risk of complications

  • Tissue changes

  • Implants should be removed before the radiation

  • Degradation products of the removed implants complicate analysis

  • Potentially hazardous molecules are formed from silicone, which can undo the therapeutic effect of radiation.

What is radiation?

High energy radiation, such as ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and x-rays, is known as ionizing radiation because it has enough energy to break chemical bonds and knock electrons (negatively charged particles) out of atoms. When these changes take place in cells, it can sometimes cause enough damage to kill the cells. As a result, such high-energy x-rays or other particles can be used to destroy cancer cells in a treatment called radiation therapy.>>

Our question: When it can break chemical bonds and knock electrons out of atoms to kill cells, is there an influence on the chemical bonds in silicone?

We couldn't find an answer in the medical literature, except the explanation from Dr. Pierre Blais.