Monobloc hydrogel implants

Since July 2019 Monobloc Hydrogel implants has not received a new CE mark.

Monobloc Hydrogel implants are filled with Carboxy - methyl - cellulose hydrogel >>

Note: Monobloc Soft-One is an implant filled with silicone.

Why Monobloc hydrogel at a site full of risks of silicone?


  • The composition of Monobloc is hydrogel, which can be degraded in the body.

  • If the envelope of the Monobloc hydrogel ruptures, the glucose filling can be absorbed in the body.

  • According to a couple of scientific studies Monobloc CMC Hydrogel, are a safe alternative to silicon and saline implants.

  • The symtoms of several women who first had silicone and then switched to Monobloc hydrogel, were reduced.>>


  • There is very little research on Monobloc hydrogel. That makes it difficult to assess whether the response can be attributed to the Monobloc hydrogel or to other causes, such as the environment. Due to the environment anyone can get auto-immune diseases.

    • The envelop of the implant is made of sillicone.

    • The substance methylene blue >> (in Monobloc) can cause a bad interaction with certain types of antidepressants. First stop with antidepressants, such as Paxil / Paroxitine >> before implant Monobloc.

    • We know 4 women with Monobloc suffering from exhausting fatigue, joint pain and Sjögren Syndrome. They didn't have silicones before ore after the Monobloc hydrogel. They had te remove their implants

  • Three women first had Monobloc, then switched to silicone. They became ill. It is not to prove which implants caused their illnesses.

  • Five women were ill due to silicone and switched to Monobloc. Their symptoms remained similar.

  • One woman had a severe interactiobetween antidepressants and methylene blue. These symptoms disappeared completely after her Monobloc implants were removed.

A plastic surgeon with positive experiences with Monobloc hydrogel recommends:

"If women have got symtoms by silicone, there are four options:

  1. No new implants.

  2. Silicone out and immediately Monobloc Hydrogel

  3. Wait a year until the body is fully recovered and then Monobloc Hydrogel

  4. Enlargement with body fat "

Supplier: Entercare

Scientific research Monobloc Hydrogel Implants >>