We collected 824 scientific studies done by specialism other than plastic surgery eg: Pathology, hematology, rheumatology, immunology, radiology. Most of them with less positive outcomes >>

Some of the researchers.

Dr. Brawer AE >>

Dr. Lykissa ED >>

Dr. Blais P. >>

Dr. Cohen Tervaert JW >>

Dr. Edelson >>

Dr. Maharaj SV. >>

Dr. Pfleiderer B. >>

Dr. Patten B. >>

Dr. Schoenfeld Y. >>

Dr. Smalley and Shanklin >>

Dr. Vasey F. >>

The FDA >>

Scientists with conflicts of interests >>

Pierre Blais; Chem. Canad. Government

Lykissa; Ann Chem

Maharaj J; Long Term Eff Med Implants

Pfeiderer B; Biomaterials

Frank Vasey Rheumatology.

Michael Harbut; adviser White house asbestos case)

Dr Melmed; plastic surgeon

Patten BM; South Med J

Friedman HI; Invest Surg.

Jenkins ME; Invest. Surg.

Stevens MV; Immunobiology Curr Top Microbiol Immunol.

Hall MF FASEB J; Pathobiology

Smalley DL; Immunobiology Exp Mol Pathol.

Shanklin DR; Immunobiology Pathobiology

Shoaib BO Keio J; Med

Ojo-Amaize EA; Clin Diagn Lab Immunol

Lawless OJ J; Autoimmun Clin Diagn Lab Immunol

Peter JB; Clin Diagn Lab Immunol

O’Hanlon TP; Curr. Top Microbiol Immunol J Autoimmun

Okada S; Curr. Top Microbiol Immunol

Love LA; Curr. Top Microbiol Immunol

Dick G Curr;. Top Microbiol Immunol

Young VL Curr; Top Microbiol Immunol

Miller FW Curr; Top Microbiol Immunol

Guidoin RG; Biomaterials Int J Artif Organs

Marceau D J; Biomaterials Int J Artif Organs

Rolland C; ASAJO Laval univ.

Fleury D; ASAJO Laval univ.

Ledoux R; Biomed Mater Res

Teuber SS J; Autoimmun

Gershwin ME J; Autoimmun

Bar Meir E J; Autoimmun

Campbell CE; Invest. Surg.

Garrido L Curr.; Top Microbiol Immunol, Magn reson Med

Naim JO; Biomed mater res.