Gel bleed

Gel bleed

Is a phenomenon associated with silicone breast implants.It refers to microscopic diffusion of silicone gel through the breast implant envelope.The implant envelope, made of silicone, is a semipermeable membrane that allows for the egress or bleed of silicone. This bleed may be low or high grade, depending on the amount of cross linking of the silicone envelope. Gel bleed is not imaged on mammograms or ultrasound.

Gelbleed / leakage

Over time, the wall of the prosthesis undergoes a reaction (hydrolysis) in the body through which the polymer dissolves slightly.

This usually begin between 8-10 years. But degradation can start much earlier.>>

Dr. Susan Kolb removed plenty of silicone gel implants, where only few gel left in the implant while it wasn't ruptured. The silicone leaking through intact envelope, the patient is sick as they would be ruptured. >>

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