Motiva is a new brand, (2013) the so-called 'Fifth generation implants', which does not mean they are safe.

They want to distinguish themselves by their embedded microchip containing information such as serial number, manufacturer,

date of manufacture, batch number, size, etc.

This microchip is approved by the FDA for device identification. >>

Also this implant contains a so-called blue layer for extra 'safety'. >>

Warranty: 10-year replacement for rupture or capsular contraction Baker-class 4 >>

Manufacturer: Establishment Labs >>

Our thoughts:

  • The same thoughts as on all other brands, because of all the risks>>

  • We haven't found scientific research about Motiva implants, wherein the materials of the chip in combination with the chemicals of the implants has been studied.

  • We don't know yet whether they use methylene blue into the layer. This substance may have interactions with certain antidepressants >>

  • On their website we can't find a brochure with studies on risks, like other brands.