Physical symptoms

Many women wonder, "Could breast implants make me sick?"

Or: "How can I know for sure if I am ill due to the implants or do my complaints have other causes?

You cannot really immediately say that the implants will make you ill with vague complaints, but you can carefully start thinking about the implants if:

  1. you've been to many doctors and they just can't find anything

  2. all other possible causes have been ruled out by a doctor.

  3. you have been getting weaker / sicker for years and you experience an increase in the number of complaints

  4. your level of inflammation in the blood and temperature is regularly too high.

  5. you have a severe vitamin D deficiency >>

  6. you recognize complaints that fit with the ASIA syndrome >>

  7. you have a disease from this page that you did not have before the implants >>

  8. you have many complaints - to a serious degree - from this list that you did not have before the implants:

Most common reported symptoms




Flu-like symptoms


Poor concentration

Memory loss

Cognitive loss (difficulty finding right words)

Neurological problems / loss of strength and power

Back pain

Neck pain

Pain shoulders, arms, legs and / or hips



Dry mouth

Chronic inflammation

Gastrointestinal problems

Excessive sweating (no menopause)

Hair Loss




Skin rashes


Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency

All diseases >>