Fibromyalgia means widespread pain in the muscles, but this syndrome causes many other symptoms Lab tests seldom validate your condition and the results often make you feel like a hypochondriac. Pressing on tender points can diagnose fibromyalgia, but the exam still does not explain all of your symptoms.

People with fibromyalgia often describe their symptoms as a flu-like infection that doesn’t go away. It leaves you exhausted and unable to think or find the right words. With fibromyalgia, you have trouble sleeping and wake up stiff and achy.

Your symptoms can be debilitating and you probably feel as though you have to push yourself to get anything done.

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A large percentage of women who completed our survey, complained of chronic pain, chronic joint pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, memory and concentration problems, all symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

Not everyone gets diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but presumably this diagnosis is closest to the complaints that women have been reported.

Because the symptoms are caused by silicone, they would rather fall under the criteria of silicone related disease like Siliconosis, Human Adjuvant Disease or ASIA.

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