Silicone molecules can migrate / leak through the envelope of the implant and end up in the lymph nodes,

usually first into the armpits.

Also, silicone particles become detached from the envelope by chemical reactions on the surface.

Through these glands the silicone particles are spread to the rest of your body.

In scientific articles silicones have been found in armpits, liver, kidneys, brains, back, bones, skin, and so on.

The silicone can cause damage to every organ and the body responds with a defense mechanism / immune response.

Thereby the immune system can be chronic overloaded and can lead to auto-immune diseases.

Sometimes the silicone particles can accumulate and can constitue siliconoma's / lumps

Those are clots of silicone residue with tissue around it.

They may also migrate to dangerous places in the body, such as the lungs.

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