Removal - explantation

When you experience many health issues or unexplainable symptoms >>

  • Consider explantation.

  • Ask your plastic surgeon to remove the capsules.

  • Ask your plastic surgeon to remove all silicones in case of rupture or gelbleed.

  • Check lymph nodes.

  • We advise you to claim the removed implants,(in case of warranty, ask your plastic surgeon to show them to you, tip: take pictures) so you can see if they have leaked or were ruptured.

When no replacement?

  • Many unexplainable symptoms listed on this survey >>

  • Chronic fatigue which can not be explained in any other way.

  • unexplainable chronic muscle pain.

  • Severe nerve pain.

  • The occurrence of an autoimmune disease, without family history.

  • Family history of an autoimmune disease.

  • The occurrence of neurological disorders, such as severe muscle weakness and loss of functions.

  • Allergies.

  • Severe capsular contracture

  • Severe pain in breasts


Research has shown that a large group of women cures partially or completely about 3 months after removal of the implants. If a woman developed an autoimmune disease, there is a big chance that it's permanent.

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"Every woman has unique breasts, just as every person has a unique face".

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