ASIA / Breast Implant Illness

ASIA Autoimmune / inflammatory syndrome, induced by adjuvants.

ASIA or Shoenfeld's syndrome: a new autoimmune syndrome? 2010 >>

Criteria suggested by Shoenfeld for ASIA diagnosis

Major criteria

  • Exposure to an external stimuli (infection, vaccin, silicone, adjuvant prior to clinical manifestions

  • Appearance of ons of the clinical manifestions:

  1. myalgia, myositis, of muscular weakness

  2. arthralgia and / of arthirtis

  3. chronical fatigue, non-restful, sleep of sleep disturbances

  4. neurological manifestations (especially those associated with demyelization)

  5. cognitive alterations, loss of memory

  6. fever, dry mouth

  7. removal of the initiating agent induces improvement

  8. typical biopsy of the involved organs

Minor criteria

  • Appearance of autoantibodies derectes anganist the suspected adjuvant

  • Other clinical manifestations (e.g. irritable blowl syndome)

  • Specific HLA (e.g. HLA, DRB1, HLA, DQB1)

  • Initiation of an autoimmune illness (e.g. multiple sclerosis, systemic sclerosis)

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