Experiences fellow sufferers

Stories of Dutch women (please use Google Translate)

Marga: I'm flat again, yet feeling much better >>

Bedridden, partial spinal cord injury, due to an autoimmune disease >>

Hypochondriac turned out to be sick from implants >>

Insane? NO, I'm sick due to PIP. How can I survive this? >>

The cancer is gone, now seriously ill >>

You can't get sick from silicone, absolute nonsense >>

Belgian doctor: "I see this weekly" >>

Hard ballast >>

Almost 40 but I feel like 80 >>

A lot of restrictions in our lives >>

I wanted to stab myself , then they had to help me >>

From infections to cancer >>

I never will get these silicone particles out of my body >>

I felt life was flowing out of me >>

I was not allowed to see the removed implants >>

Why not leaflet accompanying implants, like painkillers? >>

First cancer, now air bubbles >>

Silicones in my lungs >>

Beauty and pollution do not mix >>

Begins aging so quickly? >>

They thought I had a tumor, but it was silicone >>

Moldy smell >>

All kinds of infections >>

CFS by silicone >>

From too big, to too small, then implants and amputation >>

My legs refuse >>

PIP implants >>

Lump in my armpit by PIP implants >>

Between the ears? Mental problems? >>

Did I made myself sick? >>

Implants leaked by powerplate >>

Custom made implant to fill a cavity >>

Grateful I'm alive >>

Epileptic seizures returned with implants >>

Breast cancer after implants >>

Fighting constantly >>

'Bags' rupture, just like silicone breast implants >>

Misleading advertising and dubious acting >>

"With these implants you can get 100" >>

Plastic surgeon sneered: 'silicones do not make you sick' >>

Screening with implants; a fight >>

Colitus Ulcerosa >>

'Doctor, there is brown jelly-like fluid leaking out of my nipple'. 'Your husband should not pull so hard' >>

Explantation stories

Feeling much better after explantation >>

3 months after explantation:'I'm feeling like a totally different woman' >>

I'm angry, health authorities are negligent >>

Explantation silicone implants, then I became Monobloc Hydrogel >>

Wound fluid, blood clots and lumps >>

Explantation after 24 years >>

The pain is gone after explantation >>

I am no longer limping out of bed >>


Dutch forum of Silicone Breast Implant Organization >>

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